Inside Pass Program by Whirlpool Corporation Terms & Conditions

Who Is Eligible To Purchase?

  •  Partner Employees that reside in the U.S.
  •  Guest Pass Recipients (Invited Friends & Family of Whirlpool Employees).
  •  Eligible Whirlpool Employees and Retirees

Who Is Eligible To Receive Product?

  •  INSIDEPASS Partner Employees, Eligible Whirlpool Employees & Retirees or Guest Pass Recipients and their immediate Family who reside in the U.S. Immediate family is defined as family within one degree of kinship (i.e. parents, siblings, children, spouse/partner and immediate step family).
  •  For this specific program, terms and conditions are applicable only to the United States region and to the eligible persons outlined in the Who Is Eligible section of this document.
  •  Only the Eligible Partner Employees, Eligible Whirlpool Employees & Retirees or Guest Pass Recipients can sign onto to make a purchase.

Partner Employee or Guest Pass Recipient Responsibilities

  •  Partner Employees may purchase up to 12 products per calendar year as necessary for themselves or immediate family members. Partner Employees should not give their logon or password to any one.
  •  Guest Pass Recipient may make 1 purchase up to 6 appliances, within 30 days of receiving the personal invite with email and password.
  •  The Guest Pass expires once a purchase is made or 30 days after the invitation is sent, whichever comes first.
  •  Partner Employees and Guest Pass Recipient or the person(s) you are making a purchase for MUST NOT share pricing or INSIDEPASS Program information with retail dealers, trade partners, competitors or persons that are not eligible to purchase or receive products in the program.
  •  Products are for use by Partner employees and Guest Pass Recipient or those persons outlined in the Who is Eligible to Receive Product section of this document and are not to be resold, traded or bartered. Product recipients are prohibited from receiving any type of financial benefit including but not limited to cash, favors, discounts free gratis work, etc., from the person(s) the Partner Employee or Guest Pass Recipient is making the purchase for or from the recipient's family in return for products purchased.
  •  Partner Employees and Guest Pass Recipient will be held accountable for any breach of terms of purchase, individually or for the person(s) for whom the Partner Employee is purchasing product.
  •  If a Partner Employee and Guest Pass Recipient or the person(s) the Partner Employee is purchasing product for, breaches the Terms of Purchase, the member will no longer be eligible for the INSIDEPASS Program benefit.
  •  Partner Employees and Guest Pass Recipients are expected to register under one (1) user id/email address to sign into and access the INSIDEPASS Program web site. If there are problems with a user id/email address or password they have registered with, please call 1-866-808-9274 for help.

Purchase Process

  •  Whirlpool expects that you will fill out the product registration card on products you purchase for yourself as well as to require persons you purchased product for to fill out their product registration cards.
  •  Brands and Products offered, along with product information and pricing, are subject to change without notice.
  •  Product availability is variable. There is no guarantee that all products will be available all the time. Product substitutions may not be available.
  •  Sales Tax is calculated and applied based on the address where the products are shipped or delivered.
  •  Products that are not purchased through the INSIDEPASS Program will not be discounted in any way. The difference between INSIDEPASS Program pricing and pricing at a dealer or other program will not be refunded.
  •  Purchases can be made ONLY through a secure internet web site
  •  Purchases must be paid for using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or others as available on the web site). Debit cards with pin numbers are NOT accepted. Debit cards that have the Visa or MasterCard Logo on them will be accepted. Whirlpool will not be responsible for any NSF fees incurred. It is your responsibility to have the funds available to cover your order until it charges to your card.
  •  No returns accepted on installed products.
  •  No returns accepted beyond 30 days after delivery.
  •  Each product returned is subject to a $75 per appliance restocking fee.
  •  INSIDEPASS Program Members are not eligible for national consumer rebates.


  •  There is one home delivery charge for an order with one or more major appliances.
  •  In addition, there are two options for Home Delivery. Fees vary and are added to the delivery charge:
       1) Uncrate and set in place.
       2) Complete Installation. Installation prices vary, depending on the type of installation being performed. Installation is not available for Gas or Built-in products, or Dishwashers.
  •  Delivery appointments will be set up by the delivery agent after the product(s) become available.
  •  Deliveries may take two - three weeks for outlying areas.
  •  All orders are delivered complete. There are no partial deliveries.
  •  Home Delivery is not available for Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico or outside the continental U.S. In addition, courier shipments are not made outside of the U.S.
  •  Products MUST be inspected at the time of delivery for damage. Products cannot be returned after the purchaser has signed for delivery. Inspection for damage is the purchaser's responsibility.
  •  Signature at the time of delivery denotes that the product was received and is damage free. If product(s) are damaged or not accepted, call 1-866-808-9274 for help on reorder of damaged product.
  •  Any damaged product, which is delivered, will be removed by the delivery agent.

Product Pick Up

  •  There is no delivery charge for products picked up at will call locations.
  •  The pick up facility will contact you when your order is ready for pick up.
  •  The person picking up the appliance(s) must bring their Whirlpool order number to the pick up facility at their appointed pick up time.
  •  The person who will be picking up the appliance(s) will need to bring a driver's license or valid picture ID with them.
  •  All products on a single order must be picked up at the same time.
  •  Any products not picked up within one week will return to inventory and a $75 per appliance restocking fee will be charged.
  •  Product being picked up MUST be inspected prior to accepting the product. Any damage visible will be handled by the pick up agent. Inspection for damage is your responsibility.
  •  All products picked up from will call become the responsibility of the owner once the products leave the will call facility.